Experience is a master teacher. Even if it is not your own.

While making career decisions, they say ‘look before you leap’.

The journey of a fulfilling career path starts with understanding what lies ahead and what’s rewarding in the long run.


 What better than to learn from the experience of thriving professionals & innovators. Get access to insightful conversations & interviews with industry experts & thriving professionals across niche fields. 

What you get


Career roadmap - Academic & Career scope, Job Market, Skills, Payscales 

Your fit - Overlap of Passion, Motivation & Aptitude 

Career Scope for Students - K12, Under Graduates 

Career Scope for Professionals - Tips and framework for a successful career switch or career advancement 

Careers 101 - Career Scope, Industry highlights, Verticals,                         Future trends and more...

Exclusive data-driven report on career trajectory: Career fields, Verticals, Pay scales, skill-training courses, top institutes & industries and more

Why i started gothrive? 

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Banking on Experience, Always. 

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