The future requires decisions NOW!

Peter Drucker

In today’s world you can almost have any career. A few key skills can get you an entry ticket. While that sounds like an opportunity, it is a problem. 

Making the right decision early on deters you from becoming an unfulfilled job hopper. Who would want to spend the prime years of their lives lost, wondering at what point did their conviction turn into uncertainty?

A good career decision starts with understanding the path itself. Being informed about the challenges, hindrances, plausible demotivating factors such as unpredictable markets, future job trajectories can equip you mentally to take on adversaries to reach your pinnacle.

 While our education system institutionalises “safe” careers for students to follow, the damage is colossal. The result is a broken system that prioritises performance over happiness & rote learning over genuine curiosity.

Go Thrive Careercast is all about unlearning & untangling the old yarn of career decision-making in this brave new world. We provide you in-depth insights & answers to all the questions that nobody bothers but should ask before they embark upon a career journey. We are building the world’s largest academic & career knowledge platform from the very people who embody par-excellence in their profession. Sit beside me while I learn from thriving professionals & innovators about their journeys and learnings that can be applied to your own career. Their experience becomes your lesson.

Banking on experience. Always.

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